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United States, Massachusetts, Cambridge
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The Laboraory of Dialogue, Design, Dissemination and Development, D-Lab is part of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT since 2007. Its founder Amy Smith has received honors including a MacArthur Fellowship, Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People (2010), and Business Week’s Week World’s Most Influential Designers (2010). She is also the principal founder of the Creative Cappacity Building Methodology, CCB, and the International Development Design Summits, IDDS.

MIT D-Lab works with people around the world to develop and advance collaborative approaches and practical solutions to global poverty challenges

The mission is pursued through our academics program of more than 20 MIT classes and student research and fieldwork opportunities; our research groups spanning a variety of sectors and approaches; and a group of participatory innovation programs we call innovation practice.

D-Lab approaches international development with a design mindset, as is reflected in our guiding principles:

- Use inclusive practices when designing FOR people living in poverty

- Engage in effective co-creation when designing WITH people living in poverty

- Build confidence and capacity to promote design BY people living in poverty

In following these principles, MIT D-Lab is re-thinking the role of technology and design in development, has empowered thousands to address the daily challenges of poverty through design, prototyping, production, and social entrepreneurship, and is reshaping the way that development is practiced.


We believe in the power of PARTICIPATION and actively engage people in the process of creating PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS to the challenges they face.

We strive to work with INTEGRITY, HUMILITY, and RESPECT, and to maintain an OPTIMISTIC BELIEF that we can do something to create a better world defined by equitable opportunity, not by poverty.

We pursue this work with a commitment to EXCELLENCE, to good STEWARDSHIP of the resources we use, to ACCOUNTABILITY for achieving measurable and durable impact, and to taking JOY in the opportunity to collectively build a better world.

We are committed to CREATIVITY, DIVERSITY, and INCLUSION in our work environment and our community, to constant LEARNING and honest COMMUNICATION, and to continuous IMPROVEMENT of our programs, products, and partnerships.

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